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Jose the Reindeer Q &A

This is where we will post many of those nagging questions we get.

Take a look for an answer!

Q: How come Santa is not Fat in lot of the Drawings?

A: That is because he was a little sensitive about his weight when we set out to tell

the story! Out of respect we made sure we showed him in the best of light. He is working hard to change his diet!

Q: Can Jose really pull the sleigh by himself? How is that possible?

A: the short Answer is Yes! Because he is physical phenom! He graduated top of his class. The long answer is bit more complicated. Reindeer have a magical vibration power to overcome gravity and manipulate the actual air molecules around their body thus overcoming gravity. This provide the necessary lift. As they move their legs it creates a invisible ultra low frequency sonic force that allows them to obtain great speed and have pinpoint directional ability. Amazing!

Q: Is it safe to drink the River Walk Water? Why did the Reindeer?


A: Lets be clear on this. Do not drink the water or dive in! The Reindeer are magical and can tolerate more than us mortals. If you are out in the wilderness or at the river walk… Boil before drinking as a good rule of thumb. Better yet get a glass of ice water at one of the restaurants.

Q: What is Santa’s favorite Mexican Breakfast?

A: Wow that is a hard one to answer… I think He likes the Chorizo con huevos 9 times out of ten. Then its Eggs Ranchero’s. This is away subject to change and is based on the fact he still has his barbacoa with onions, cilantro, beans and pappas on the side. And lets not forget a nice home made flour tortilla. Mmm! Oh and he loves the Pink Mexican cookies (polvorones rosas) for dessert.

Q: Exactly how fast can Reindeer Fly?

A: A Reindeer can travel at about 185,000 miles/Hr. Not quite the speed of light but very very close. In practical terms it could go around the world about 7 times in one second. Of course if there is a heat wave.  Forget about it!

Q: What is the Average Air speed velocity of a laden Swallow?

A: really? OK African or European? Estimated 24 miles/hr for both!

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