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Coming Christmas 2020, stay true to your Latin roots and introduce your family to the story of Jose the Reindeer with a book, plush toy and original songs in a unique blend of Tejano and Big Band.


     Jose the Reindeer, is a bilingual book that celebrates Hispanic heritage and tells the story of how Someone, who is a little Different,  saves Christmas when Santa gets stuck in San Antonio.  Sometimes being different can make you uniquely qualified to do something wonderful!

     Family is “muy importante” in the Hispanic culture.  The term “familia” not only represents the nuclear family, but includes all of the extended family.   The family is always getting together for Holidays, birthdays, and any reason under the sun!   When we travel out of town, you can bet we often stay with family.  

 When you purchase a complete box set you are joining our Jose family.  Be prepared!  The Plush Toy comes with a unique certificate of adoption and he will take on your family's last name!   He is now able to take part on your own unique family gatherings and traditions.   Your kids can hold him, love him, and move him around.  There are no difficult rules to have memorize or follow.  He is now part of your loving home.  The certificate of adoption also has a section where you pledge to have love, joy, and peace for Christmas.  We are looking forward to see what you will share with your own Plush Toy reindeer on social media platforms!   Let's see what he is up with your kids? 

     The song tells the amazing story!   It has been recorded in both English and Spanish!  Your children will memorize the song and have you singing along.  As a Special Bonus  Gift, you will receive new Christmas music in the style of Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, and Dean Martin. 

A new Story
Family Traditions 
New Music
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We had a great time creating the story!   Here is a little sample of how some of the Sketches came to life in full color.  Can you spot the changes?

The Making of Jose Gallery

Unwrapping  Gifts